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Tuscano's Story
Imagine for a moment – what kind of a sub would you create if you had 35 years of restaurant experience?  Oh, yeah - that’s exactly what we did with Tuscano’s!  Bigger.  Better.  And, well, just plain old delicious.  

Now, don’t get us wrong.  Our 6” and 12” subs are no longer than anyone else’s 6” or 12” subs.  Its how much of your favorite meats, cheeses, veggies and sauces that go under our fresh-baked sub rolls that sets Tuscano’s apart!  A quick glance at a Tuscano’s sub compared to a sub from the leading chain, and you’ll see there is no comparison.  That’s where the BIGGER comes from!

The BETTER part is this – we go the distance in selecting only top quality ingredients for our subs, salads and wraps.  Take our premium quality meats.  Tuscano’s roast beef, for example, is hand trimmed for full, rich flavor rather than pressed or formed from parts.  Now that’s quality you can taste!

You’ll really enjoy our Italian themed menu, too.  Create your own sub combo or try one of our specialty subs like The Tuscany – loaded with Genoa salami, smoked ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and our special Tuscan bell pepper sauce.  And don’t forget, all of our subs and wraps come cold or grilled – your choice!

What would we be if we stopped here without mentioning our HUGE salad bowls.  Our Salad Supremos start with a big bowl of premium, fresh Italian lettuce mix, tomatoes and red onions.  To that we add whatever your favorite deli meats and fresh vegetables, or pick the toppings from any of our specialty subs.  Top it all with your favorite Ken’s premium dressing.  Now that’s a salad!

So come on in and try us, and you’ll see why we’re Tuscano’s . . . Bigger Better Subs!


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